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Riverside Technical Services was formed in 1979 and since 1993 has specialized in the design and creation of Web pages for businesses who want to provide information about their services and products on the Web.

Our Web services range from html coding to highly customized "cgi" or interactive Java programming that will set your Web pages apart from the rest of the crowd. We can design pages suitable for viewing on all browsers, such as AOL, or pages that are developed specifically for the latest Netscape Navigator. We provide a full range of Web services customized to fit your business needs. For a first-hand look at the quality of our work, check out the Web pages of some of the customers on our Client List.

Our customers not only appreciate our fine design work, but they also enjoy the valuable information they collect from our on-line customer survey pages. We specialize in integrating customer information from Web pages into your existing database system. Our Navigator work pioneered the development of Web interfaces to database systems such as Oracle and Basis-Plus. Our experienced staff also has expertise in solving compiler and memory management problems and have had contracts with such diverse groups as Apple, Digital Equipment, and Control Data amongst others.

Recently Riverside Technical Services has turned its attention to understanding the impediments to commerce on the Internet. Among several issues we are concerned with is how to do secure transactions on the Internet as well as identifying what business problems can be efficiently addressed using the Internet. In addition to these technical issues, we are also tackling such problems as how businesses can use the Internet to leverage the current product distribution structure.

If you want more information about our services or have questions, please feel free to contact us. You can talk directly with the head of our custom development group by sending us Email at vann@kayak.com or by phoning us at

Riverside Technical Services
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As a "pro bono" service Riverside Technical Services makes available the Deerfield River schedule for New England Flow. Please email your comments or questions about the schedule to hudson@kayak.com. Thanks to our friends at Crocker Communications for providing this space.